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Alicia Dvies of and I pioneered the combination of restorative yoga and gong baths.  These two practices are natural bedfellows, focusing as they do on slowing down and reconnecting to our innate healing abilities.  Many have heard of yoga but not all are familiar with Restorative Yoga.  This gentle practice is truly open to everyone.  You don’t have to be young, bendy, dynamic, strong or any one of a hundred things, people sometimes feel they need to be, to practice yoga.  You just need to be willing and open just like you do with the gong bath.

Restorative yoga does what its name suggests – restores.  A session may begin with some gentle simple movements, followed by a few positions sitting or lying down which are held for longer periods of time.  Props are provided to give as much support as is needed for total relaxation in the posture.  We’re not looking to build strength or to get into really, deep, stretches.   We ask the body to open a little and let go of tightness and restriction – often the result of our response to stress and trauma, be that from the body, mind or emotions.

A lot of the time in 21st century life we are increasingly in the ‘fight or flight’ mode, our bodies are flooded with stress hormones and this can show up at the very least as tightness say, in the shoulders right through to serious illness.  By practising Restorative Yoga, you gently move the body from ‘fight or flight’ to the relaxed ‘rest and digest’ nervous system, which helps relieve the stress response.  Benefits include better sleep, better digestion, more energy and less fatigue.

The combination of opening via the Restorative Yoga and then immersing in the gong bath vibrations really lets people switch on their own healing mechanisms.  We are more powerful than we can imagine but with the help of these two profound practices we can begin to take back our own healing power.

You don’t need any special equipment just comfortable clothes, a pair of socks and a desire to let go and drop into your relaxation response.


Restorative Yoga Workshop Jan 2016

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Great turn out for our last workshop at the weekend – a sell out!  Gong bath added a new dimension to the restorative yoga practice. ” calm, relaxed and recharged”, was a comment from one the participants on the day.

Restorative poses, chanting, pranayama (breathing exercises), energy release and the gongs made up the two and half hour deep relaxation intensive.  News on the next intensive coming soon…….


The teachers

Sa ta na ma chant jan workshop



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I’ll never forget my first gong bath, a room packed full with people and these amazing vibrations cursing through my body. I’d already been into yoga and meditation but this was a different level. But why do they work so well? Gong baths use sound and their frequencies to allow the mind to move into Alpha and then Theta brainwave states. Alpha states indicate deep relaxation and allows the brain to daydream, use imagination and firing up associative thinking and theta occurs during REM or dream sleep and deep meditation, when the body can begin to heal itself.

The frequencies of the gongs and the brain become as one and this method is great for those who find meditation a challenge, as the gongs literally transport you to deeper levels of consciousness.  Sessions are typically under an hour and the effects can be long lasting. Gong maestro Alicia Davis collaborated with me recently on a yoga workshop and has this to say about gongs – “ some of the words people use to describe the effects of receiving a gong bath are –  Amazing. Powerful. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Trance-inducing. Healing. Gong Baths are one of the world’s most ancient modes of healing used for thousands of years.  They have the potential to be transformative and help people achieve lasting well-being”. For more info on Alicia visit



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Do you get confused by the plethora of so ‘healthy diets’, I know I do and I work with many of them for my clients?   This is a subject I’ll be returning to frequently as its’ such a mine field, with one man’s poison another’s cure! So for starters a quick top line definition on the six most talked about.


  1. ALKALINE – The avoidance of relatively acidic foods i.e. those foods with low PH levels, such as grains, diary, meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and fungi.
  2. Anti-inflammatory – The inflammatory process is crucial for injury repair but is believed to be the root cause of many illnesses when triggered inappropriately by the body in response to stressors. To counter this process this diet recommends rainbow coloured fruits and veg, whole and cracked grains, legumes, healthy fats, fish frequently, soy products, mushrooms, other protein sparingly, red wine daily and dark chocolate sparingly and no refined or processed foods.
  3. CLEAN EATING – a lifestyle approach that includes exercise and unprocessed, whole foods and lean meats, no artificial ingredients, sugars, saturated or trans fats, eating 5-6 small meals which is said to fire up the metabolism.
  4. LOW GI -Glycemic Index (GI) also referred to as Glycemic Load (GL) is a diet that gives a value of 100 to glucose and then indexes all foods in relation to 100. The lower the number the less effect on blood sugar, resulting in more stable insulin release, these foods digest and therefore absorb at a slower rate keeping you fuller for longer. However, the values refer to foods on their own and so can change when combined with other foods.
  5. PAELEO – The caveman pre agriculture diet , eating only what could be hunted or eaten direct from nature fruits, seeds and veg. So no diary, grains, legumes or processed foods including sugar.
  6. RAW – Enzyme rich as food is not heated above 40-48˚C the point at which many nutrients are lost. High fibre makes for quicker colonic transit time said to lessen the possibility of foods remaining in the gut, fermenting and releasing toxins into the system.


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I had so many different name ideas for this site but satisfy the hunger seemed to encapsulate what I was hearing from so many – a need to find food and practices that nourish our depleted, stressed out selves. Why I decided to do a site in the first place was because my yoga students would ask where they could find out about my food and get advice on recipes and techniques and my private cook clients wanted to know more about the yoga I offered so I decided to put it all in one place. My posts will focus on practices and techniques that nourish the body and the soul across the spectrum of food and yoga but always with an emphasis on the practical. Who has time to prepare three-hour gourmet ‘raw’ meals or two-hour early morning yoga sessions? Ok maybe some, but for the rest of us we need to access practices which are, do-able, fit with our lives, are effective and satisfy the hunger within for a life that sustains us.